Nationwide Contest Promotion for Franchisees

As a franchisor, my company implemented a Chairman’s Club contest that allowed high performing cities to send their Sales and Operations teams on an all expenses paid trip. Each year, we create a 2 foot by 3 foot sign for each location and promote the rankings throughout the year in internal promotions.

This motivates strong growth in our cities and awards our top teams with a great trip! Additionally, it involved working with Sales, Operations, and our Executive team budget to set the goals each year based on the previous year’s metrics and getting quotes from various vendors for best printing quality and cost. The process also including mailing to each of our franchise cities. For the 2016 mailing, I used mailing tubes from Staples and significantly improved the FedEx mailing process by updating our FedEx address book and process, which cut down on both the time and hassle to print the mailing labels.

For 2015, I used a shutterstock purchases image, but for 2016, I was able to find a free for commercial use vector file poster on, which I edited for our needs and has received positive feedback from both my team and the cities.

“My favorite image out of every Chairman’s Club poster that’s ever been done (I think this is #6). Seriously.” – My supervisor, Kim.

Below you can find the promotional images we used for intranet news article updates as well as the full posters. For confidentiality reasons, I have redacted their goals and our legalese at the bottom of each poster. For higher quality, click to view the PDF.

Promo Image - option 1.jpg

2015 Chairmans club poster_010915_Redacted.jpg

promo image draft.jpg

2016 Chairmans Club Contest_Redacted.jpg



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