My Culture Index Results

My current company relies heavily on the Culture Index (CI) method to review potential employees. Below is my CI results and a brief explanation


Firstly, CIs are measured on their relationship to your energy line. When I applied nearly 3 years ago, my energy (EU) was low! I wonder if that would be different now, but it basically means I work better on short-term projects and smaller goals with the ability to take breaks often between very efficient periods of time.

A – Autonomy- For sales, you want this number to be high +1! I am autonomous with being able to work on my own.

B – Social – High +1 on social

C – Patience – For my positions, this high impatience (Lowest -2) has been great – as it keeps me on deadline! Also good for sales!

D – Detail – My detail (High +1) is also ideal for marketing, as I am very focused on details.

The last two items, L & I, are Logic and Innovation. These two are not based on the relation to the EU line. My logic is nearly as high as possible, meaning I prefer to have logical solutions, rather than emotionally-based “gut feelings.” This is similar to my Meyers-Briggs, as I am a T, not a J.

The I stands for Innovation and I am a little lower than average on this chart.

For more results, click on the ‘results’ tag.

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