This post is the second in a series about my objective to ‘Micromanage My Life.‘ This month is a natural time to micromanage your priorities. Many call this making New Year’s Resolutions… but as a micromanager, you can do better! Instead of just overall goals, take the time to really prioritize and plan how you…


MICROMANAGING (an introduction)

This post is the first in what I hope is a series about my objective to ‘Micromanage My Life.‘ Through my MBA program at Rockhurst, we are encouraged to reflect on our personality and working styles. Through this,  I found that I am an ESTJ, according to the Myers-Briggs test. A humorous, but a little too…

10 Traits of a Superstar

What are you a superstar in? Marketing? Photography? Social Media? Blogging? Tweeting? Medicine? Psychology? Research? Communications? Chef? Budgeter? Mom? Here are 10 traits of a ___ Superstar, fill in the blanks to make it relevant to you. 1. Avid Goal Setter The question is what you will do to get there, not the end goal.…


Budget|er: A Money Resolution

This quarter I’ll be writing about my new goal: To Keep a Budget. Objectives include: Keep track of my purchases, Use the Envelope System to live within my means, pay off my Christmas debt. I’ll be writing about these objectives and strategies I learn and use throughout this process. Read more to see how I’m recording my…


Recipe Round-up

Here’s a wrap up of about twenty of the fun recipes I made in 2011!     Cinnamon Apples[CA]   CA Muffins I  II   Cookie Dough Nut Butter     Grilled Corn Peach and Basil Salsa   Kale Chips   Mushroom Sauce


Pumpkin Snickerdoodles & Muffins

A very good friend got married a few weeks ago on October 1 and the week before was stressful event after stressful event!  She took it all in stride and I offered to treat her to a relaxing minimal-wedding-talk night, her choice! An easy night in and the bride-to-be wanted to bake pumpkin goodies [I…