A (proposed) case study for the workplace (Part 1)


My company is small, but growing exponentially. At the end of 2016, we had 29 employees, and hired 10 new employees in Q1 2017. I’m interested in learning where we can recruit the most qualified candidates to bring through the process quickly and efficiently.

Also, as Marketing and Communications Manager, I’d like to know how our employees are using social media and if they’d be interested in sharing information about our company in order to increase our social media presence. This could be for user testing and employee recruitment or general branding and lead generation.

The following is my proposed survey for employees and possibly our investors or clients as well.

  1. How active are you on each of these Social Media sites
    1. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Blogging sites
    2. I don’t have one, I forgot my password, monthly, weekly, daily
  2. Are you on any other sites?
  3. Contact information
    Department (list options, generalize)
  1. Would you be interested in promoting Rx Savings Solutions (for example, hiring, user testing, or sharing news) on your social media channels
    Yes, Maybe, No, only if there’s an incentive to do so
  2. What types of information would you be comfortable sharing?
    1. Only my personal views
    2. Career opportunities
    3. User Testing Recruiting
    4. Lead Generation
    5. Our company’s charity efforts
    6. Culture/team photos
    7. News about our industry
    8. News about our company
    9. Other
  3. Do we have permission to use your photo in social media
    1. Yes, I trust that you will not post bad photos of me
    2. Only in team photos
    3. No
    4. Only if I approve it

Follow ups to this survey would include:

  • More targeted recruiting on the right social channels and through our employees on the right social media sites for that job type. For example, Marketing staff may be found through LinkedIn, but maybe Engineering staff are looking at different sites.
  • More asks of wiling employees to post about the company to move specific goals forward
  • Advanced usage of LinkedIn, as a professional company, all employees should have updated and professional headshot and be accurately linked to the company page to show our growth and connections.


Our network is important, and I think we could be using it more effectively to powerfully spread the message of our company and to improve our team.

What are you doing in your company, have you seen a strategy like this? Was it successful?

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