Building a Personal Advisory Board.

Alana Muller from Coffee Lunch Coffee got me thinking with a post that included the following tip:

Create a personal advisory board. Who is your personal dream team? When you make an important (or even a less important) decision, who do you turn to for advice and affirmation? Gather them together… they don’t all need to be in the same room, but you should talk with them all. And, remember that you are not obligated to take their advice… they will love you even if you go against their recommendations. Lean on them for championship and support.

Who is on my Personal Advisory Board?

  • My husband is the President of my Personal Advisory Board.
  • One of my first boss’s, Bradford, has always been supportive in my career, no matter how long it’s been since we’ve talked. He has been one of my trusted references for various things for nearly a decade now.
  • There are many other’s who are honorary members, who I always reach out to and trust when I’m on the job search or need career advice.

I’d like to add in people in my MBA program and past jobs on to a more official ‘Board.’ It could be as simple as these are the people I try to meet with once a year for coffee to discuss how everything is going. Or a group I always email or message on LinkedIn when I’m job searching or looking for advice.

Who’s Personal Advisory Board are you on?

I’d like to think I’m an honorary member of quite a few people’s PAB, but to really  mentor and teach would take more effort. I have done similar, short term things like this before. I will drop everything to support someone I believe in. Looking for a job and your computer is broken, borrow mine. Looking for a resume review, I’ll stay up late and give you critical feedback. Need a LinkedIn page? When can I take your headshot and set it up for you?

Do you need a marketing, photography, job searching, resume building, or social media member on your PAB? Or just someone who will provide insight and honest feedback? I think it’s important to be selective with both your board and the boards you are on. To mentor someone, you have to be willing to put in some time and some effort. And it has to be a good fit. I would certainly consider connecting a possible ‘mentee’ with someone else if I didn’t feel I would be a good member of their official ‘board.’

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More information on Personal Advisory Boards: 


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