2014 Girlies

This year, I have had the opportunity to spend more time with one of my cousins and 4 of Andrew’s nieces. Through  playgrounds, creativity, holidays, and a quite a bit of church, these 5 girls have lit up my life and completely worn me out (mentally and physically) — often in the same day!

Their creativity when hanging out out ‘Aunt Jackie’s’ house (where there are minimal toys) amazes me.

The sweetness of hearing the little ones talk to me, leaves me in complete wonder.

The smiles, giggles, and hugs are just perfect.

The friendship the older girls have formed this year is also awesome — they are more excited to see each other than me!

The way Andrew can make his nieces giggle and engage them in sweet little conversations is so amazing to me.

Thank you for all the great memories in 2014, girlies! If my New Year’s Resolution was just to keep seeing you all more — that would be enough!

IMG_0518IMG_9980 IMG_0071

IMG_9954 IMG_4859

IMG_3293 IMG_3283 IMG_3281 IMG_3270 IMG_3252 IMG_3245 IMG_2985 IMG_2984 - Version 2 IMG_2938 IMG_2779 IMG_2776 IMG_2719 IMG_3808IMG_3807IMG_3810IMG_3819IMG_3828IMG_3837IMG_3833IMG_3846IMG_3864IMG_0172_2IMG_0173_2IMG_0175_2IMG_4114IMG_4205IMG_4254IMG_4477IMG_4280IMG_4278IMG_4283IMG_4284IMG_4285IMG_2703


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