This is my life at City Wide — Happy New Year!

For my current position, I am in charge of developing a few holiday email templates that we create, test, and send in house. These templates also have to be user-friendly for our sales teams across the nation to be able to send them out as well.  My very favorite I have worked on is this New Year’s image that we used as a header and as a Facebook post for the new year.


It included finding and purchasing the stock vector and editing our logo using Adobe Illustrator to make it appear gold with a gradient. I hope to be able to pitch the use of the gold logo in future programs for our locations or staff that are excelling!

Here are some other art pieces from our holiday email campaigns:



And here are a few other photos from my work at City Wide:
IMG_4288 IMG_4482

It’s NEVER scary when people come right up to your window. IMG_4026

Obviously, this is testing which cup has the least condensationIMG_4261 IMG_4262 My bobble head, compliments of the sister. IMG_4264 IMG_4564

These are only the serious photos. You don’t want to see the others! IMG_4581


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