This is my life at City Wide


We need to beef up our photo library, so I took my camera out to a construction site. Can’t say I wouldn’t enjoy wearing my cowboy boots to work everyday. I even enjoyed stomping through the mud a bit on the way out. My assignment was before  photos of these luxury apartments as they got finished up (windows, floors, every counter covered in construction dust, wood, and random other pieces) and then after photos after my company gave them a professional construction clean.


This is my life, in my awkward and entirely enjoyable cubicle desk with a ‘rookie’ that enjoys 90s music and making me bust out laughing! 10854249_10102515056099379_4726347907767105551_o

Sometimes, you just have to do it yourself. In my eighth month of working there, I decided that my name plate was no longer going to just sit on my desk. I found some sticky velcro, got approval that it wouldn’t mess up the window and put them up for my side of the office — success! Registered Logo_full

Just another week at City Wide!


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