@marketo Webinar Summary — Taking the Blah out of Blogging: How to Build a Company Blog that isn’t boring.

This is a summary of a webinar I attended on August 6th, 2014, hosted by Marketo. 

You don’t always need a company blog. 

If you have one, it should be personable and should be used to share best practices, audience expertise, and why they should trust you. 

  1. Finding your VOICE and being consistent is critical. Review other blogs similar to yours, and even your company’s past posts, to determine the best voice. ‘This blog is too sarcastic and this one is not funny enough.’ Align your writers, extend the review process, and keep an editorial calendar to confirm that the voice is consistent, even when coming from different employees. 
  2. Find your writers. Incentivize your internal bloggers, offer your editing services, and reach out to partners, customers, and thought leaders. Find those who are experts on the topics within your company — don’t just hire an intern. “Would you write a blog post with me?” When you use new writers, give them clear guidelines to follow.
  3. Be Realistic about Blog Expectations.  When you have more content than you need, schedule it out for later on your editorial calendar. It’s better to be consistent with content than to miss months at a time. 
  4. Write within the sweet spot.  Your sweet spot of content is what your team knows about that your client cares about. Educate first and sell second, most of your marketing should be relationship building and then on hard selling, don’t hard sell every time. If you only talk about your own company, you’re going to get dumped.  You want to add value to your reader/prospect’s life. 
  5. Create an Editorial Calendar. This will help maintain consistent cadence. Make sure to include industry or company events, public relations, product features. 
  6. Test and re-calibrate. Review shares, views, downloads are some of your soft metrics. Focus on hard metrics, such as beginning to look at attribution metrics such as if their first touch was viewing the blog or if was part of multi-touch. 

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