Recent Accomplishments & Good Times

I don’t want to forget how many good things, big and small, that have happened to me in the last month. Things have worked out so well and I’ve just felt so blessed and surrounded by good people.

Here’s a few recent accomplishments and good times:

  1. Celebrated my WONDERFUL boyfriend joining my church, with cake,  family,  friends, and about 7 hours of church over the week.
  2. Got a new job — MARKETING!
  3. Celebrated more, with pizza and ice cream.
  4. Put in my two weeks at AAFP.
  5. Went to a wedding shower.
  6. Wrapped up things at AAFP and said goodbye and see you later to many great and wonderful coworkers and friendsImage
  7. Went to a wedding
  8. Completed my first week at a new job
  9. Wrote my first blog for the new job
  10. Taught a 9 year-old with an amazing little grin to do a flip on the trampoline
  11. Made her 1-year old brother giggle uncontrollably (also on the trampoline)
  12. Returned a lost shoe and found other random acts of kindness to do, due to my great mood
  13. Edited and shot LOTS of photos (and got paid to do it!)
  14. Added a lot of content to my Snappy Shot Photography blog and facebook page
  15. Got caught up on my 2014 reading goal (be my friend on goodreads!)
  16. Scheduled out some blog posts on Microplanage — all about reading this week!
  17. Set up (okay, Andrew did most of it) our new porch swing, which will determine where I spend the majority of my summer.Image
  18. Got a dog (from my aunt’s dogs that I watched last month,) in congratulations for my new job. She thought that meant I needed a dog too.

So overall, it’s been a good few weeks!


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