Woman-with-post-it-notesThis post is the second in a series about my objective to Micromanage My Life.

This month is a natural time to micromanage your priorities.

Many call this making New Year’s Resolutions… but as a micromanager, you can do better! Instead of just overall goals, take the time to really prioritize and plan how you will REACH those goals.

Make a timeline or put goals and tasks on your calendar. Keep it reasonable and realize that the task or workout you scheduled is NOT optional. Just like a meeting or task at work, this is something you committed to–follow through!

However, remember to also be flexible. To be able to effectively prioritize, you must be able to deal with changing priorities. If a workout gets canceled due to another event, reschedule it immediately. Bonus points if you finish the task earlier, so that you can attend to the new priority!

Personally, this month, I will be focusing on scheduling  workouts, learning, blogging, and dinners with friends and family. Additionally, I’ll schedule a short amount of time each week to re-prioritize and complete needed tasks. I will also be asking the parents of my younger cousins to send me sports/event calendars so that I can support them at a few basketball games and mathletics tournaments!

What are your plans for prioritizing in 2014?

Need a quickstart activity on reaching your priorities? Print this and jot down how you really use the 168 hours in your week. You may be surprised!

Additional resources on setting priorities:


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