My Fascination Advantage

Do you know how to fascinate?

I had never heard about this working style evaluation before attending my company’s annual Scientific Assembly where Sally Hogshead was a keynote speaker.

“When you understand your natural personality traits, you can grow your business around these strengths. You can be operating at your peak performance, and do it effortlessly.”

This test gives you insight into how you communicate with and fascinate others.

My Fascination Advantage is The WATCHDOG , a combination of ALARM and POWER.

watchdog fascination

More about ALARM:

  1. Reliable: People with primary ALARM personalities tend to operate like clockwork and adhere closely to deadlines, much like TRUST personalities, who are also reliable.
  2. Perfectionistic: An ALARM personality is usually motivated by problem-avoidance and strives to be flawless in their work and how they conduct themselves.
  3. Rational: Those with ALARM as their primary trigger tend to be very logical thinkers, who are unlikely to do or say anything controversial. This stands in contrast to REBELLION personalities who are tend to be more liberal with their thoughts and their speech.

More about POWER:

  1. Confident: A POWER personality usually does not fear stretch goals and rarely doubts their ability to reach the finish line.
  2. Goal-Oriented: Those with POWER as their primary trigger tend to be intensely focused on achievements. Their drive to succeed usually makes them ideal candidates for taking on large projects.
  3. Influential: As leaders, POWER personalities are often looked to for answers and assistance, which usually provides them the opportunity to guide co-workers and customers.

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