Excerpt’s from my program’s Semi-Annual Report

Excerpts from a recent 20-page semi-annual report on my program to one of our funders, showing projects I worked on.

Some information deleted or redacted for privacy.

Kansas City Photographer

Jacklyn Cremer and fellow staff cheer for family physicians at a recent conference in San Diego, CA.

Conferences & Exhibits: In the first few months of this fiscal year, the program has already exceeded last year’s total amount of attendees at the program exhibits at —-conferences and has reached 1,668 engaged family physicians and health professionals with program methods and resources. The program’s exhibit walk at —-’s Scientific Assembly in San Diego, CA, once again had the highest attendance since its inception with 1,289 participating in the ‘Surf’s Up” exhibit walk. More than one in four physicians (26.8%) that attended the conference participated in this event.

The Program Tools: Over 85,000 physician and patient education resources have been distributed since January 2012. [This is when I began working on the program]

For more information on professional development, patient education, and our email newsletter, Professional Development: Our program continues to take part in professional development opportunities to incorporate new knowledge into project operations. Jacklyn Cremer attended a Project Management Essentials training, using Franklin Covey resources, and has begun to implement those improved processes into program management. Jacklyn Cremer has also increased her skills in Microsoft Office through learning about functions such as successfully using Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel to report on program data. She also attended the Iowa Governor’s Conference on Public Health and trainings on HighRoad Solution, an email blast system, as one of two system users for the Division. Additionally, she has joined the company’s Wellness committee to improve the health of staff.

Mental Health First Aid: Program staff received training and certification through the national Mental Health First Aid program May 8-9, 2013, conducted by the Wyandot Center for Community Behavioral Healthcare. As part of working toward the program’s goals to promote emotional well-being for improved health for all Americans. The Mental Health First Aid Program was created in Australia by Mental Health First Aid TM (MHFA) Australia, a national non-profit health promotion charity focused on training and research. The training helps the public identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders and aligns with the program’s goals to improve emotional well-being.

E-Newsletter: Distributed to approximately 7,500 —members, clinicians, core supporters, other organizational members, and fitness-minded individuals. Notably, the forward rate continues to exceed expectations, with between 180-305 forwards for each bi-monthly e-newsletter. Average open rate is 22% and average click through rate is 2.5%. Unsubscribe rate is under .4% for each month. [One of my goals as the project manager of this e-newsletter was to increase subscribers. When I began managing the e-newsletter in January 2013, the e-newsletter had 7,503 subscribers. The December issue will go out to approximately 8,200 subscribers.

Patient Education Brochures (Grant Funded): Almost 120,000 brochures distributed in 2012 and 2013.


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