Healthy society, Fair society – Social Determinants of Health

This post is based on a session I attended at the Iowa Governor’s Conference on Public Health in April 2013. The session was Healthy Society, Fair Society and was the plenary session of the conference by Regina Davis Moss, associate executive director of the American public health association.  For More posts from the Governor’s Conference, click here.



Thought is the blossom. Language the bud. Action the fruit behind it.-Emerson

Think broadly, evolve language, and take action to reduce Social Determinants of Health.

In order to advance our language of social determinants of health, we need to increase the knowledge and understanding of the issues. It has been found that various people of color are more likely to have diabetes, but what does that mean? is it due to their genetics or more likely, their social determinants of health. SDoHs include education, income, and geographic differences including availability of fresh food.

Address root causes to intervene for public health. – Address social determinants of health #goingupstream

My program with the AAFP focuses on risk factors and behaviors with fitness:

What we can do:

  • Support public health workforce – training
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Multi-sector collaboration – housing, medical, etc
  • Health in all policies approach – transportation policies
  • Health assessments to see health consequences – help elected to understand
  • Evaluate action and knowledge base
  • Health reform

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