Tara Stiles is My Yoga Teacher

Last week, Tara Stiles said she wanted to be my YOGA teacher!

I’ve been watching some of Tara’s videos on YOUTUBE and really enjoying them, so I bought the DVDs  ($20 for 4 DVDs). My mom, myself, and many others will begin our yoga practice on April 1st.

Danielle also just told me she has FREE video yoga podcasts on ITUNES!

I also made the Google Calendar below (workouts start in April) , so I could integrate it into my current schedule, feel free to add to your calendar on google or ical. If you need help, let me know.  Otherwise, click the image on the left to get your PDF printable calendar. On google calendar, I think you can also copy each event over to your own calendar and change the times. I loved seeing that some of the yoga routines are only a few minutes long, makes it seem much more reasonable!

Let me know if you’re joining me!

edit/ Can we all be excited that THE Tara Stiles totally retweeted my post?!?!?!?


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