Communication : On Body Language

Being self-aware of body language is crucial in business. Good body language can strengthen your verbal argument, while inconsistent body language that doesn’t match what you are trying to say will distract and weaken what you are trying to say.

As you can see in the video above at 55 minutes in, two important strategies to look more confident and competent are GENUINE SMILES and EYE CONTACT. These are especially important when trying to be persuasive! (and when wanting to look professional on LinkedIn!)

In addition, being able to read body language can help you to react quickly to various business strategies. If you can read the facial expressions of a frustrated coworker, you can try a different communication method to avoid upsetting them further.

I highly recommend Janine Driver’s book, You Say More Than You Think. and the video above, it has some goofy and also very interesting information!


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