Continued Education, Healing, & Gratitude.

tumblr_lvmydf9MRb1qii5iio1_500I am grateful today for many things.

I am grateful that I have this space to write, even when it feels silly and when I’m doped up a little on pain medicines from my surgery still!

I am grateful that my company is giving me the opportunity to continue my education both on the job and as a graduate student, starting in January at Rockhurst University. I am excited to learn to be a more efficient and effective communicator and part of my community.

I am grateful that my body is deciding to heal well after my surgeries last week on my deviated septum and tonsillectomy. I am excited to breathe well and have my entire ENT system working better. I am thankful also for oreo milkshakes that calm my throat’s desire to explode and the fact that my brain decided to finally kick in and help me out at work today, which is the first time I’ve felt efficient all week. I am grateful for Andrew for being the nurse I needed, for knowing when and why I needed to take my medications and for making me feel better by looking at my throat and telling me it was okay.

I am grateful to be blessed with so many young faces and babies in my family and in my boyfriend’s. I am grateful for the family I’ve had and the family I’m gaining with my sister’s marriage and my own relationships.

I am grateful for my friends, that are grateful for my friendship and for for when I give them clothes. I am grateful that when I get upset, they try to make it better, even when I make it hard on them.

I am grateful for my ability to take photos. For my mom for providing the camera and the joy and for my friends and family for being the most wonderful little models. I am grateful that others appreciate my photos and that I am getting my technology up to date to easily share those files.

And I am again, grateful, for this place to write, because I want to remember how grateful I feel today.


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