On Fitness: Am I Hungry?

I want to live a fit life. As defined by AIM-HI*, the fitness initiative at the American Academy of Family Physicians, fitness includes PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, HEALTHY EATING, and EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING. This week (and maybe beyond!) I will be writing about those aspects of my life.

Am I Hungry?

An important part of fitness is healthy eating. Last week I read up on Michelle May, MD, the inspiration (and a part of the evidence-based information) of the initiative I’m working with to provide fitness information to family doctors. Her non-diet ideals of healthy eating are something anyone can implement into their lives. I encourage you to watch this video and then buy her book, Eat What you Love, Love What You Eat.

It is all based on a simple question, “Am I Hungry?”

For a healthy recipe to eat the next time you’re hungry – check out this overnight fruit and yogurt parfait or Zucchini fritters!

*Jacklyn Cremer is currently working with the AIM-HI team in a temporary position. The views expressed in this blog are hers alone and do not neccessarily reflect the views of the AAFP or its affiliates.


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