On Fitness: Social Running (& Walking!)

I want to live a fit life. As defined by AIM-HI*, the fitness initiative at the American Academy of Family Physicians, fitness includes PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, HEALTHY EATING, and EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING. This week (and maybe beyond!) I will be writing about those aspects of my life.

Social  Running (& Walking!)

Aislinn, me, and my mom at a FREE 5k last weekend!

Last week I completed my first 10-mile week**, and surprisingly, it wasn’t difficult! Some was walking, some running, and about half of the workouts were in good company.

My favorite run was also a new strategy. My mom invited me over to dinner on her birthday and I parked almost 2 miles from her house, ran there and then when we were done with dinner she walked me to my car, totalling almost 4 miles! It was good to know I was helping myself and my mom be more active and it was a good workout for both of us!

Making physical activity a social occasion has proved difficult to organize***, but I hope to make it a habit! I know that it made all of the difference in being able to go further in each workout and everyone wins!

*Jacklyn Cremer is currently working with the AIM-HI team in a temporary position. The views expressed in this blog are hers alone and do not neccessarily reflect the views of the AAFP or its affiliates.

**I probably ran a 10-mile week last summer while trying to run 99 miles, but I never felt like I reached it easily, I was always pushing myself too hard to get to that point.

***Know me and want to go on walks/jogs/runs? let me know!


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