Kansas City Booze News

I value high-quality, tasty beverages and enjoy attending Kansas City trade shows for liquor. (who wouldn’t love this!) The exhibitors of these events include companies serving their wine, beer, and spirits in the hopes that the attendees (liquor store and bar owners , their employees) will carry their brands and be educated on the newest offerings.

At a tasting earlier this spring, these were a few of the offerings that made me super thirtsy!

Favorite New Product

Two years ago, Shark Attack made a splash with Margarita freeze pops. With it’s strong tequila flavor, It never sold well at the store I work with and much of the product expired before selling.
Starting in July, they are introducing a new freeze pop flavor, Shark Attack VODKA LEMONADE. At 6.7%, this much tastier, cool treat is sure to quench the thirst at lakes and pool parties this summer! Not too sweet and you can barely taste the alcohol – these could be dangerous, so be sure to keep them far out of the reach of kids (and heavy drinkers)!

Marketing Successes & Failures

As a marketer, creative branding is often my favorite part of these tastings and liquor companies have the advantage of being able to get very creative with their products – and they do!

Broker’s Gin continued to impress me with their problem-solving branding at this tasting. Broker’s is a gentleman’s gin, as such, it wears a bowler hat. This sets it apart from the other gins on a liquor store shelf, but once a bar adds a pourer, the hat has to come off. To solve this, Broker’s has made a special pour spout with a hat attached! BRILLIANT!

Also as a marketer, a lack of proofreading baffles me. GIRL (beware, their website has rave music!) touted it’s raspeberry flavoring on a display, adding an extra E! The exhibitors seemed slightly confused, but recovered quickly as they assured me (jokingly) that is was French. And although they aren’t great spellers, GIRL branding is spot on for it’s audience and mixed with cranberry was quite tasty. I beleive the exhibitors that the smaller bottles would be quick impulse sells for bachelorette parties and birthdays when placed near the register!

Spirits of note:

  1. Rumchata: A Rum/Horchata blend
  2. Knickers: a cheaper, creamier version of Bailey’s was recommended by the owners of fairly new Overland Park bar, The Sports Cave (try their Philly sandwich and signature drinks!)
  3. Dumante Verdenoce Italian Pistachio Nut Liqeur: similar to an amaretto, but with pistachios in leiu of almonds.

Beer of note

  1. As a non beer-drinker, I found a super-light Belgian White beer, White Rascal, that I was quite fond of. It’s the first beer I like where the label is not too girly and embarrassing!
A toast, to my other favorite white belgian, my grandpa! For giving me a wonderful family with connections to wine tastings! Cheers!

Be sure to visit Metcalf Liquor at 75th and Metcalf in Overland Park for all your needs, we’ve expanded our wine section!


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