What I’ve learned about Public Health Promotion & Marketing

The health industry has always interested me and I jumped at the chance to learn more about a specific part of it—Public Health Promotion—for an interview I have tomorrow morning.

Health Promotion advocates for better preventative health. 

From my understanding, Health Promotion can be either internal (within the company) or external (to consumers/clients).

  • Internal: Some employers provide extra health benefits to their employees by adding incentives for engaging in healthy habits.
    • “Healthy employees boost a company’s bottom line. Less sick days, obviously. But also a more energetic and happy workforce that will help the company to succeed!”
  • External: Menorah Medical’s blog, educates website visitors on health issues and then encourages them to seek healthcare at their hospital.
    • “Most experts agree that major advances in improvement of health over the next decades will not come from new medical findings or cures, but rather the broader development and application of population-based prevention programs.”

What type of Health promotion programs show the highest ROI? Here are some averages from corporate wellness research…

Health Promotion—ROI per Dollar

Health Risk Assessments $6.04

Fitness Programs $4.90

Wellness Coaching $4.5

Smoking Cessation $3.50



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