Job Searching and Facebook Passwords

copyright MoneyBlogNewz/Flickr/Creative CommonsEarlier this week, it hit the news that employers had been asking potential employees for their facebook passwords. Baffling. I didn’t believe it. But a chat with a friend confirmed that he knew people who had been asked when applying to local law firms!

I’d hazard a guess that whoever started these policies was not a millenial and didn’t understand how much of our lives are on facebook—or maybe they do. A check on facebook would be easier and probably cheaper than a background check.

It seems that this ethics argument is already over since Facebook announced today that it has updated it’s privacy policy to forbid this type of activity.

Do you think employers will still continue this practice? And what would be your reaction if they did?


2 thoughts on “Job Searching and Facebook Passwords

  1. I don’t think anyone should have access to your passwords but you. That being said…don’t write it down if you don’t want people to see it!

  2. Am trying, but still can’t think of a single reason to agree to this. I sure hope I don’t find myself in that situation. I’d be happy to accept a friend request from a potential employer, but password is private. I might ask the interviewer to give me HIS i.d and password to demonstrate the point. Perhaps if ALL applicants say no to this, they will stop the practice?

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