Customer Service IS Marketing, Creates Brand Loyalty

When most people think marketing, they think advertisements, logos, and coupons. All of those are important in their own ways, but I believe that customer service and great employees are the most essential marketing tools. Here are 3 examples of good customer service that ensured brand loyalty.

The barista at my local coffee shop: “Apple Juice!!” was the order from a young customer with a St. Patrick’s day bear in hand. “And look at my new teddy!” The barista was not just AS excited, but more excited than the tiny customer as she took the order, admired the bear, and ensured that this girl and her daddy will come in again.
The receptionist at my dentist : An expert in insurance, she gives fast, accurate quotes and stands by them. When my insurance didn’t pay the expected amount, I was bummed, but paid an extra $128. The next week, I received a sweet note and a check. I’ve gone to the same office my entire life, but they just pushed my brand loyalty over to where I would recommend them to a friend. Not only because of their dental work, but because they were kind, helpful, and understanding.

Apple: Do I even have to point out how extraordinary their customer service is? The first time I ventured into an Apple store in 2004, I carried my sister’s broken iPod. “If the Apple store can fix it, you can keep it.” I expected that they would just try and then me it was shot. Instead, they went into the back and brought me out a newer, nicer model. No charge. Since then they’ve fixed my computers, iPods, and most recently given me a new power cord that had taken some abuse and was no longer working.

I love seeing my customers as excited as the little girl with the teddy bear and one of my biggest strengths in customer service is solving big problems while remaining calm AND helping calm clients and customers.

Here are 2 examples where I believe I provided great customer service: 

ThyssenKrupp Access: While in the process of switching printers, their old printer’s website went down a few days early and the marketing coordinator was dodging multiple calls from her dealers needing to order brochures and finding a dead link. Working quickly, I communicated with our interactive team to remove the broken link. We replaced it with a page announcing that the new and improved ordering system would be available the following week and added an email address to contact, to avoid overwhelming the client’s voicemail. Although the outage was unexpected, our team smoothed it over easily and the new ordering system went live on schedule.

Ply Gem: When my main client contact at Ply Gem took maternity leave, her successor was left with double the work. After helping her finish multiple projects during that difficult time, she left me the following recommendation on LinkedIn: “…very detail-oriented and not afraid to bring up relevant questions and potential issues that could impact timing and the overall outcome of the project. And, she’s whip-smart!” Knowing the products, listening to the client, and helping solve last minute problems helped me to provide excellent service to my client at a hectic time.


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