5 Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Update your resume with the wrong dates so that it looks like you’ve been out of work for a year, instead of a month. (For any employers reading this, I worked at ER Marketing from Feb 2011-Feb 2012)
  2. Don’t bother keeping a record or examples of work you’ve done.
  3. Forget to attach your resume to an email, even if you email it 30 seconds later, it’s too late.
  4. Don’t practice interview questions
  5. Bring a notepad to the interview, but forget to bring a pen.

Oh, and you should probably leave your business card case in the HR department, that will look professional too. I’ve made a few mistakes, done the third one a few times, in a row. But I’m still confident that I’ll find somewhere. If only I can stop making dumb mistakes in a first impression world! 

Any tips or funny job mistakes to avoid? Much Appreciated.


One thought on “5 Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

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