Thoughts on Planograms @American_Eagle

  Figure 1. Frames in dressing room at American Eagle, Overland Park. I’m sure there was a planogram for how these photos should have laid out in the store, and I doubt that the way they are was correct.

 Figure 2. My version, which helps the images flow together instead of working against each other. A quick switcheroo: Water is now going toward the guy who is blocking water. The model jumping is now on the top, as he is the only model not grounded in the photo. What do you think?

One challenge in marketing with national clients is getting the retailers to follow through and follow brand guidelines on the level that is closest to the end-user. In my experience, one solution to this is often educating your B2C partners on why the brand guidelines will benefit them and providing them with quality updated collateral.

Are your dealers, salespeople, and retail stores working as good brand representatives? What could you do to encourage them to follow your planograms and engage in your marketing programs?


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