Increasing Conversion Rates to Turn Web Traffic Into Leads

This post was originally written for Depthfinder, an ER Marketing new business blog. I gathered the research on this topic at an informative webinar, Turning Your Web Traffic into High Quality Leads, by B2B Magazine Online. I’ve also added 2 examples of where I’ve used these tips on client projects.

Conversion rates can tell you how successful your website is at keeping visitors engaged and moving them through to become leads and sales. It’s important to keep the viewer engaged with your website by keeping it simple and through strong and simple calls to action.

Avoiding hurdles to conversion will help the visitor through each stage, from a website visitor, to a lead, and eventually to a sale. The best way to do this is to decrease the clutter, so that your visitor knows where to look and where to click without confusion.

1. Segment quickly to keep your visitor engaged: Segment your audience before they have to fill out the form.

  • Segment your website for different audiences and lead them to a unique form—this will allow you to move good leads through your site and filter out bad leads through segmentation and not long, boring forms.
  • Provide relevant information to the visitor, remember to use the information you gather from a segmented website to know who is visiting your site and engage them.
  • A segmented lead is up to 4 times more valuable. An example of segmenting can be seen on this microsite for SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc. that I worked on while at ER Marketing.  However, although recommended, this website does not follow through in having a personalized contact form for each audience.

2. Convert visitors into leads: In addition to getting the correct people to fill out your online form – you want them to give you the right type of information.

  • ALWAYS get contact data.
  • How did you find us?
  • Remove unnecessary questions through testing and conversations with your marketing AND sales teams. Every field and data piece collected should help you sell more.
  • Measure conversion rate AND conversion rate to actual leads, actual money/closed business.

ThyssenKrupp Access Contact Form: Another project that focused on increasing conversion rates was optimizing this contact form. In reviewing the google analytics, we found that users often clicked among the contact forms, and still didn’t end up on the right ones, causing a low conversion rate. Among other improvements, we added more instructive text and tracking phone numbers, made sure all forms were consistent in what we named them throughout the site, and shortened the forms. After these changes, we saw a significant and immediate increase in conversion rates.

3. Convert Leads into Sales:  Don’t overlook the importance of the pitch just because it’s online.  The reward or benefit for filling out the form should be clear.

  • Is the value of what you are giving = to the data you are collecting
  • Keep messaging consistent.  If your advertisement says “Free Consultation,” then the landing page needs to say that as well. No message mismatch!
  • Know what to do with the leads you produce.  Call/email/nurture the conversion – but don’t annoy. Use the information you know about each lead to cater to their needs.
Using these simple tips—and testing them out to find the right mix for your company—will help visitors convert to sales and move your business forward through your website.

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