Review of 2 Professional Nameplate sites

Do you have a Nameplate Site? Lifehacker spoke to their advantages in a recent post, 5 Best Professional Nameplate Sites. I’ve dabbled with two of them, both are landing pages for your personal or professional brand and a place to show where else you are on the web. For me, it was a helpful way to play with displaying my personal & resume information in another way.

View my thoughts on two nameplate services after the jump…

  • Pro: Resume button to download traditional resume
  • Con: the Resume button is hard to find if you’re not familiar with
  • Pro: Different widgets show different types of information
  • Con: Some of the widgets are good ideas wrapped in design disasters
    • Timeline: Meant to show your business experience on a graph, Looks very empty if you’re a newbie and you can’t feature experience that is more important
  • Pro: The simple widgets are glorious and great idea-starters
    • Vital Stats—Encouraged me to find numbers to represent my experience
    • Quote—allowed me to show pull quotes from recommendations

  • Pro:Simple
  • Con: I can’t find the perfect photo of me to make it as striking as some others
  • Pro: They love and partner with them to provide free business cards with a QR code to your page

One thought on “Review of 2 Professional Nameplate sites

  1. I have an about me page ( and I love it!

    I used to use the link as part of my email signature, but now that I have launched my blog/website, I cannot decide whether to promote the or not.

    I have switched my email signature to include blog, but I also have a link to my About Me page on my website.

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