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Here are a few of my job goals and plans going forward. In case you were interested!

MARKETING | It’s my degree and still my passion, to help companies use their marketing resources to their advantage. To understand the consumer—anyone from millenials or moms— and to reach them in the channels in which they are engaged.

CLIENT-FOCUSED | While this may not have been something I was jazzed about at the start of working at the agency a year ago—It’s grown to be one of my favorite parts of the job. After learning a client and their products, it was simple to solve their problems and give them marketing solutions quickly and effectively.

FULL-SERVICE | Through the last two years of marketing experience, I’ve worked on many types of projects:

  • Print: newspaper and magazine advertisements, educational collateral, direct mail, sales sheets, hot sheets, sales kits, product brochures, product catalogs,  banners, posters, large format print jobs, press releases…
  • Interactive: email marketing, social media campaigns, content marketing, dealer e-newsletters, website creation and updates, SEO, PPC, landing pages, form optimization, e-commerce…
  • Etc: media planning and buying, competitor research, loyalty programs, dealer incentive programs, brand management, QR codes, sales promotions, POP displays, tradeshow booth design, photography, photo-shoots, contests…
To view some of the projects I’ve worked on, check out my portfolio.

EDITOR | My proofreading and copy-editing skills are pretty great—Usually using AP style unless other brand guidelines are required—And I’ve caught many mistakes that were missed by others. My Spanish proficiency has also been valuable when working on bilingual collateral.

PUBLISHER | I’m enthralled with the amount of publishing media available online. I was an early adopter of blogs, twitter, facebook, and personal websites. (Expages and Geocities anyone?) I value the opportunity and marketing implications of sharing photos and words through the internet machine.

CREATIVE | I’d love to use my creative talents in some aspect of my job. While I’m not a designer, I do understand design and the Adobe Suite. And will voice my opinion on design—especially when it comes to consistency.

IMPROVEMENT | I strive for personal and professional improvement, especially when told clearly of what the problem is. I’d love to work with people around my age and skill set, where we can help each other improve.


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