10 Traits of a Superstar

What are you a superstar in? Marketing? Photography? Social Media? Blogging? Tweeting? Medicine? Psychology? Research? Communications? Chef? Budgeter? Mom?

Here are 10 traits of a ___ Superstar, fill in the blanks to make it relevant to you.

1. Avid Goal Setter
The question is what you will do to get there, not the end goal. Don’t say you’re going to lose 20 pounds, tell me you’ll bike 500 miles or do P90x 3 days a week. “Ongoing execution of goals is what sets you apart”
2. Ask the Right questions
Skilled questioning is an art. Spend more time in discovery than in doing, and you’ll get closer to the end goal with the same amount of work.
3. Expert in __________
Know the rules of your trade to avoid pitfalls and become a thought leader at the same time. Trust is important, but to trust you, your customer has to know that you are knowledgeable in your field.
4. Passionate about ________
“When people love what they do, they inherently put more effort into their work.”
5. Exudes enthusiasm
Can you overcome a tough situation with a smile? Or do you focus on the negative, and complain?
6. Takes responsibility for results
Taking responsibility, good or bad, is a necessity amongst all professions. The economy and other challenges have to be considered and then forgotten, because at the end of the day, you have to focus on results.
7. First in the office, last to leave
Don’t wait for business to come to you, make the first move. Invest time and you will reap rewards.
8. Perfected the follow up process
“I’m calling to follow up..” Is no longer acceptable. Without news or questions, it shuts the person down before you get a chance to get a word in. “Always have at least 2 reasons for calling and plan on something else to talk about it [If they’re not interested.]” Staying top of mind is key.
9. Always showing value
You have well-informed buyers who are not only concerned with price – Always be able to state the value of what you do.
10. Persistent and fearless closer
Don’t be afraid to fail. Be ready to finish strong whenever you can.

I know these idea-starters have made me see things I can improve upon!



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