Oh, Tongue, give sound to joy and sing/ Of hope and promise on dragonwing.

One of my favorite authors passed away, Rest in Peace Anne McCaffrey.

In fifth grade I read Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey and can remember walking into the book club disappointed.

I hated it. The ending was bad

Oh the book reports of 11 year olds!
The parent helping run the chat n chew turned to me to inform me… It’s a trilogy. I picked up the second book soon after and was hooked.
I’ve read over 50 books that were written or cowritten by mccaffrey.
I’m listening to one on tape this week-it makes my long drive to work every mornintoo short and makes me miss my exit so I have to listen longer when I go to Lawrence.

They’re captivating, smart, and adventure-filled books filled with dragons (genetically altered fire lizards on the planet of pern!) or other fantastic beings.
Anne captured characters better than almost any writer I’ve read and she over those characters so much that she lets some trickle into other books where they play smaller roles.

Recently I convinced a coworker to read Harry Potter. I felt nerdy suggesting it, but really? So many people love it that I knew I wasn’t alone in loving her stories. The community of readers and people in my high school unafraid to tote around a 700 page book for fun… That made those books acceptable.

McCaffrey isn’t like that- I’ve found very few people who have heard of her and the majority were English teachers. I still feel nerdy, but in a good way. I’m one of the only people I know who has experienced these wonderful books. And now I’m sharing that love with you. Go to the library and get a book by Anne mccaffrey. Under sci-fi, M.

My coworker is on book 7 and watched the first movie last weekend.

‘I knew the characters! It was like seeing friends!’

Mennolly, Master Harper Robinton, Acorna (and her temple cat!), and Moreta were written so beautifully and were my friends as I read my way through every McCaffrey book I could find in middle and high school. Anne was a wonderful woman with an amazing writing talent that was able to show strength, caring, and many other strong emotions with limited words. She created a world where dragons fly, a world. I will always remember fondly.

“Oh, Tongue, give sound to joy and sing/ Of hope and promise on dragonwing.”

Rest in Peace
Anne McCaffrey
April 1, 1926-November 21, 2011


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