Trade61, a good cause & a cute shirt

Are you against human trafficking? Visit and order your $20 shirt today.  They come in blue, green, and black (I think!) and the girl who sells them is adorable and so excited about this cause and the fact that for the first 30 days of wearing the shirt, she made $15 a day to give to Exodus Cry, a KC non-profit. The shirts are $20, and if you fill out the form here, she will contact you.

I found T61 by eavesdropping on the creator of this project, a girl who wore this shirt for 83 days straight, at my favorite coffee shop, Signs of Life.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a non-related video of a girl also wearing a blue shirt! and a crazy explanation of how darn lucky I am!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to receive two very substantial gifts. An Ipad and an external flash for my camera.  The IPad was an early holiday gift from my company, a job that has been stressing me out for the last two weeks.

  • The Ipad came from a job that expects so much out of me and I feel like I’m just scraping by. I know that my employers put a lot into their business, and that it’s going very well and I have a VERY real chance to impact it. That’s exhilarating.  My choices and ability to get my work done not only affects my coworkers, but also the bottom line of my company.
  • The flash came from Brian, owner of Mission Theatre, while I was shooting a wedding reception at his business. Just an old flash he had ‘lying around’ that I am very grateful for! Thank you!

This is a quote I’ve liked for a long time about why I blog: “I write to express myself. I write to record the things I do and see and experience. And especially lately, I write because I am dealing with a lot of things, and this blog is one of the only things that feels familiar. I don’t write to be the best at it.”- Kristina Horner


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