Easy Cinnamon Apple Muffins

I love adding to pre-made food to make healthier, tastier options. A few examples include

  • Add frozen veggies to a microwave meal (works great with soup!) by steaming veggies for a few minutes in microwave first(in lightly covered bowl or tupperware and a bit of water), then cook with your TV dinner and voila!
  • Add real bananas (too ripe or frozen works great) to banana nut muffin mix (I enjoy Fiber One’s mix!)
  • Add applesauce to Cinnamon muffin mix
I did the last one tonight and boy was it easy! With Krusteaz One Step Muffin mix, a sprinkle of chia seeds, and applesauce, these are delicious! Because of the moisture of the applesauce and the limited space in the container, I added less water. And after I shook it, it opened with a pop because of the pressure build up – no mess, but could be a hazard! Also good dipped in applesauce after! Yum!

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Review? My fiber one muffins turned out better texture and taste..my apple muffins were by far the best! and the rotten strawberry muffins were good too! But for the cost (Less than $2 for muffin mix)  and simplicity of this recipe – you can’t beat it!

3 thoughts on “Easy Cinnamon Apple Muffins

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