BIKE & BUILD Press Release – Affordable Housing

One of the coolest things about working where I do (A Marketing agency supporting the building industry) is the change happening in the building industry.  The change being BEGGED for and the change being BIKED* for.

The change isn’t solar panels , windmills, or even robot toasters; The change is the push for affordable, sustainable housing.  It’s recommended that housing expenses should equal no more that 30-35% of your income. (this includes rent+utilities+renovations)   As a young professional searching for an apartment, I can tell you that it’s difficult to stay in this range without risking safety or high utilities.

I believe that affordable housing is important and I am proud of my sister, Becka Cremer, who is among the group of cross-country cyclists spreading the word and building for a cause. They’ll be in Lawrence, KS from July 12-14.  For more information, go to ‘read more’ to see press release and photos of the ride!


Affordable Housing 1

Print Ready Photos to download

Bike & Build

Bike and Build – Prov. to Cali – Becka’s group – map update and blogs (click on side pencil and user icons)

Becka Bikes blog

More information – a previous blog entry on Becka raising money for Bike and build


Bike & Build is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 to help raise money and awareness for affordable housing. Bike & Build helps organize youth led cross-country cycling trips.  Each year they organize eight different trips that all run from the east coast to the west coast. Summer after summer Bike & Build has about 250 riders. Over the past 8 seasons Bike & Build has donated almost $3 million, pedaled over 5 million miles; and engaged more than 1,250 young adults in spreading the word about the affordable housing crisis in America.


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