Mushroom sauce


My motivat|Er goal just got tasty! After finishing 99 miles- I can’t wait to keep running. But I’m also going to try to eat better- tastier more than healthier actually! My tentative goal is one new recipe per week. ( but that’s only about 13..). So maybe more!
This tasty tasty mushroom sauce is the motivation- as is the tons of cookbooks I own!

Mushroom sauce

1 c mushrooms
Some oil (I used about 1 T. canola)
1 Clive garlic diced
Some butter (about 2 T.)
1/3 c chicken broth (milk is traditional)
1.5 T. Flour

Melt 1 T. Of the butter in oil
Add mushrooms- diced
Let simmer until they are soft and smell fantastic
Add garlic
Simmer some more
Add rest of butter until melted
Slowly add broth and flour while whisking a bunch until thick

Mine didn’t get very thick- but was still tasty! And simple too!

Any recipe suggestions?


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