BMA lunch on Marketing MARKETING!

BMA of KC is having a luncheon (dessert included!) next Wednesday, June 29th, about Marketing Marketing by Eileen Zicchino, the CMO at JP Morgan  in NYC! CLICK FOR DETAILS 

Here’s Eileen briefly describing this topic that she’s spoken to many times before.

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“… she is one of the most skilled executives I have ever met. In addition to her rapier wit and charming personality, Eileen has a brilliant command of marketing strategy… …proven ability to execute and deliver results. …Eileen stands out in my mind as the straightest shooter, the most knowledgeable practitioner and by far the most visionary thinker. I consider Eileen one of the true gems in the marketing/communications world.” Consultant, David Pitlik
*Link to register is in bottom right hand corner, black button>

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