WordCamp KC

Excited to head to WordCampKC this weekend, a wordpress conference! Been doing a lot of professional organization meetings/lunches/webinars in the last few weeks and my brain is overflowing a bit in the best way.  Also, my wordcamp badge will have a QR code, sweet action.


& What interests me today &

Today my sister, BeckaBikes.com , Is in Providence, RI, about to start a fantastic journey across the states on a bike through Bike and Build.
Pray for her safety and watch out for bikes on the road this summer.

Diana is going to be a teacher! Fantastic celebratory dinner last night with all of Bop It! So excited for this year with them!

Motivat|er Running update: I’m at 53 miles! And not giving up yet! 2.3 miles a day? I can handle that??!?

About.me is  offering free business cards from Moo.com with a QR code on them! Check out my page.. kind of sparse right now until I get a good photo.

Noodles and Company has a fantastic HTML email program. I get excited for Noodlemail, do you?


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