Up and RUNNING, Always.

First off, check out my guest blog over at AfterSchool Career Workshop blog.

I’m proud of it! It’s called Do your online homework and is about how I got my job :)

Speaking of my job, I’m almost on track with my Motivat|ER goal of running 99 miles.  I’m currently at 14 miles and I’m running a 5k this Sunday in Lawrence.  Registration is still possible, tomorrow at Hyvee in Lawrence and on race day!

My last 5ks were pretty abysmal. They involved walking. and one of them even involved complaining about hills.

5k Times Date Time Notes
Abby’s Run October 11th, 2009 38:52 35/59 in my age group, yuck!
Race for the Cure August 9th, 2011 Bad Didn’t register in time for a timer chip!
Pod Trod September 21st, 2008 37:17 3rd place out of 28 women

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