One of the coolest things about my new company is their belief and encouragement of personal and professional growth.

ER Marketing’s Personal Development Program 1: Motivat|ER
One thing we do is ‘bet’ on personal goals. We make quarterly goals and if we don’t reach them, we’re assigned a chore. Oh, and we lose instead of double our $25.

Long story short, my quarterly goal is to run 99 miles. (no, I can’t handle that extra mile.. plus I’d much rather exceed my first motivat|ER than fail!)

Am I on track? check it out, after the jump. 

ProgressMiles ran today: 1.9 | 8.9 / 99 miles | On track? not quite. should be at 9.7
I’ll have to catch up this weekend, but today was my longest run so far because I finally got my new ipod!


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