Taking out the trash in heels…

…and other changes since I got a job!

One week into the job and I’m exhausted and exhilarated! Hoping I’ll get used to this 7:30-6 schedule (including traffic and not being good at leaving my job on time!)

Also hoping I can schedule in some workout time now that the weather is nice and I’m getting used to waking up early!

I miss my JCPRD kids. Working with kids… as compared to working with adults… some similarities. Many differences.

  • I have to earn respect.. It doesn’t just come with age and ‘teacher’ status.
  • Less hugs… definitely less hugs!
  • No scheduled snack.  but there is free home-made (or would it be office-made?) guacamole!
  • I’m still proofing things and fixing spelling — but most of it I have to look it up in AP Style or my handy dictionary widget. (as opposed to just helping five-year-olds spell Sun, Snake, and seahorse during S week.)
  • Conversations revolve around things other than wall ball, burps, and explaining to kids what’s just ‘not appropriate’ to do at school.
  • I have to decorate my work space, dress up, and use my brain. bonus:my cubicle is way cooler than a normal cubicle! I’ll post pics once it’s sufficiently decorated.

I’m so excited for this opportunity. Excited for my Valentine’s Day present. Excited to go to the lake this weekend. Excited to decorate my new space!

More  office decoration inspiration after the jump.


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