My name is Jacklyn Cremer and I am now an Account Coordinator at ER Marketing. I formally accepted the offer on Monday, February 21st, 2011.  As of tomorrow, Feb. 28th, I will be an official (and paid!) marketing professional.  I’m spending this weekend trying to get a basic understanding of the clients I will be working with and finishing up a few small projects I’m working on for friends and family.  Oh, and finding all of my Curious Georges!

Since this blog and website started to be a networking and job search website – I’ll write a longer post soon about what I thought was most helpful in my job search.

I am also honored that I have been asked to write a guest post on the After School Career Workshop blog about how my online presence helped me in landing this AWESOME job.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and been excited for my career possibilities and Best Wishes to everyone in their job hunt- you can do it too!


2 thoughts on “Employed!

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