My Roommates, The Rock Stars. (and Applied!)

Two of my past roomies have had huge news this week and I am so happy for both of them!

Brenna won a big time journalism competition,complete with scholarship. Read the story.

Brenna is a fantastic, caring person.  That is what makes her such a stunning journalist.  Especially in this story she went out of her way to get to know the people in the story. She searched high and low using all her resources when so many others had let one of KU’s amazing students disappear after he was deported. Even after the story was finished she stayed in contact with the families and even took part in a birthday party as an honored guest.

Brenna, currently teaching english in a french colony near Madagascar, should be receiving some granolas bars soon.  I hope she enjoys them!

It wasn’t by accident that Rachel Allen and Jeff Stone were engaged on Kansas’s 150th birthday.  Rachel is finishing up her early education degree and Jeff is working in an elementary school. After five years and ridiculously devoted love, Jeff proposed using something Rachel loves almost as much as him: Trivia.  And her prize was even more than she expected, Look at that rock!

Bop it* toasted her engagement with Villa Rosa, Moscato d’Asti wine at the Copa Room on Feb. 3 2011. It became facebook official on Feb 12. Enjoy your first engaged Valentine’s day Rachel!

Another friend I’m super proud of right now is Ms. Audrey!  My former JCPRD coworker and long-time friend became a member of the police force last month.  She’s working toward being a homicide detective and also getting married this year!  The academy is being tough – but she’s tougher!  Congrats!

My rockstar equivalency for the week isn’t as exciting – but I’m proud of it!

Read about it after the jump…

I’ve applied to two jobs. I think my biggest accomplishment this week was improving my cover letter writing skills through careful editing and asking for help!  (Thanks especially to Kathryn Lorenzen of Afterschool and Jack Gross!)  I also made sure to edit my resumes for the job requirements.

Another personal goal was set this week.  I’m starting the P90X workout program today. Completed all of the setup, readings (yes – it’s a workout program with a manual! 49 pages!)  and did the fit test yesterday.  Today I’m buying a few resistance bands and starting the first video.  I’m excited and eager to be fit and healthy!

Isn’t life grand?

*Bop it is copyright Hasbro, but my friends have used it as a name for our close-knit group after a fantastic night of the game by the same name.  You can see those fantastic girls here – Rachel’s in the stripes.


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