Currently Reading

I love making time to set goals and improve my health, home, friendships and self.  I also love making the time to find and read fantastic literature.

Borrowing this book from Rachel (who just happens to be having a fantastic week!) and was really excited to finally get my hands on it!  It’s an amazing and thought provoking read.  Malcolm Gladwell is a very charismatic writer and person. I encourage you to visit and watch Gladwell get excited about Spaghetti sauce and happiness. I originally watched this video in Professor Rosen’s Consumer Behavior class.



This book is informational and motivational on health issues. It starts with summaries of long-living cultures and how they differ from mainstream US.  How they incorporate exercise into everyday life, what they eat, etc.   It’s a lot to digest, so it’s taking me a long time to read.  But it has some really good tips on how to be really healthy if you try.


What books are you reading?


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