ODT’s New Website! & My ODT Portfolio

My internship after college was at On Demand Technologies.   Part-time eight weeks turned into a contractual (pay raise!) position for another 9 weeks. I worked in the marketing department supporting Personalized Print – a division of ODT.

One of my first suggestions to ODT as a whole was an improved website.  And here it is- including some photos by yours truly!  I love this new updated look and wish ODT and Personalized Print all the best of luck!

Check out their About Us and Capabilities pages to see my photography.

See my ODT Portfolio after the jump.

Here is my resume version of my ODT experience:

I took the ODT staff photo and portraits of much of the upper-management for use on their Linkedin accounts and also for the new ODT website and Christmas card.

Gathered data for quarterly reports and other analytics.

I worked on the layout, colors, and copy on the main personalizedprint.org website.  My main change was adding each shop at the bottom in squares. I also made the original design of three of the six flash banners.

This is an example of the current offerings of photo-playing cards.

I suggested that we provide more personalized examples on the site to give consumers an idea of what they could do with our playing cards. Previously, only the graphic designs (see MOM cards in corner) and the palm tree were available.  They decided to implement my suggestion. Within days, we had received more orders using the photo+text designs!

Developed Social Media plan to communicate new offerings to partners.

Product Photos. Here is a wedding invitation set and playing cards.  I designed the ‘Get in the Game’ image to have our partners post it on facebook.  See more ‘repostables‘ I made.

This is the PersonalizedPrint.org bulletin board housed in the ODT conference room.  I updated it to show more recent examples of PPS merchandise and to reflect our growth in partners.

This is a packet I put together to send to various websites that sold personalized playing cards in an effort for them to switch to our higher quality cards.


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