Job hunting tips and Applied!

Job Hunting Tips: Ask for help and aim high within reason. Shoot with precision when ready. Keep track of when you make a good shot and reward yourself when you hit a bullseye.

  1. Networking. Networking. Networking. Networking doesn’t get you the job, it helps get you the interview.  Keep a record of who you contact and who you wish to contact. Say thank you when you promptly respond to any replies!
  2. Figure out what you want and what you are qualified for.  If you have been searching for a ‘Project manager’ job and find that they all require 4-10000 years experience – change tactics.
  3. Practice your professional communication.  Edit your resume and start learning to write cover letters.  Send a Thank you note after an interview.  Put it in your car before you go(complete with address) and write it as soon as you’re done. Address it to your interviewer – spell their name right!  If you say in a cover letter or interview that you will follow up – do it!
  4. Research Research Research. I’m determined not to settle for a job that I wouldn’t be good at or wouldn’t enjoy.  I (it pulls from careerbuilder and lots of other sites to give you a greater variety. I also check company websites to find positions that may not be listed on any job forum. Keep track of then you apply or find a company that looks like it could be a good fit for you. I save my research in a word document.

If  you find a company or position that seems amazing: take extra time and ask for even more help editing your resume, networking, and getting that interview. This could be a dream job, be prepared and make sure you put your best foot forward.

And the last tip I have – reward yourself during your job hunt.  If you work well in coffee shops, reward yourself with another coffee (like me!).  Personally, looking at my blog or my word document of company research and the attached to-do lists really motivates me.  It means that I have goals and am taking the steps to make them a reality.

See more about my job search after the jump…

I’m looking for full-time.  And I’m super enthusiastic about this week’s job hunting and productivity potential. Starting out good with some time at Blackdog: Applied, wrote a decent cover letter AND updated my portfolio information in the tab above, looks so much cleaner!

APPLIED: I applied to a Marketing Assistant position today.
Started two more applications for Marketing Coordinator positions
AND started filling out my application at a big marketing agency too!
AND updated my research document (see tactic 4 below) for all of them!

I start my volunteer position as a reader for ROR-KC on Wednesday.  And volunteer with them at Whole foods on Saturday (See here and here for more info)

I meet with Lisa & Kathryn from AfterSchool Career Workshops on Thursday. They gave me many of the job hunt tips seen below (or at least the inspiration for them!)


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