…And got called back for a second interview too! Decided not to accept the second interview since I am really looking for a job with health benefits, actually a bit higher encouragement for me than pay level right now!   But still decided to make a good habit and write a Thank you note to my interviewer, Ms. Melissa.

<—–This Christmas decoration I still haven’t taken down is holding the Thank You note! See those presents?  If your name is Ben&Sofie, Rachel, Katie, Brenna, or Brett – one of those may be for you!

Today was industrious! An interview in the morning, Blackdog to read my new library books and work a bit.  Then my day brightened even more on my way to work as I pulled up next to one of my favorite people at a stoplight.  I swear that Ms. Ashley’s smile can brighten any room, or road!  And it make me remember a certain STUCO speech she made about a Caesar’s pizza guy who sometimes stands at that same intersection.

First day back to school with ALL the kids was simply marvelous, it’s so much easier to be patient with antsy five year olds after a bit of a break!  Read them stories, hugged a lot, and did funny stretches with some kids after school from my Stretching library book.  And I emptied my car trunk by donating some trinkets for the prize box, some toy cars, stuffed animals, and books (Attic cleaning at my mom’s results in fun things I don’t need, but my kids love!)

Got paid to design two more business cards. Contacted the printing company I worked with on the Teapouro loyalty cards and will be ready to print eight different designs by Monday. Cleaned my kitchen too!


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