Business cards galore! Want some?

First of all, today I am proud of Ms. Audrey for swearing in for the Overland Park police force! Congratulations!

Secondly, Anyone need a business card?

I’ll design and print you 100 cards for $10 if you contact me before I print mine sometime later this week! Choose from one of these colors (grey/red , purple, or blue/gold oriental) or ask me to design you a new one!

Numbers and emails have been altered just in case they don’t want that info up here!

More cards and the reason I made so many after the jump.

One of my weaknesses is that when I get sidetracked on a photoshop mission, I don’t stop.

I can’t stop at making myself a business card.  I have to make my mom a new one, because hers is made from a Microsoft word template.  Well, if I’m going to make her one.. I should make one for her boyfriend who also sells insurance… and I may as well make one for my boyfriend… and a few friends.. and I have this cool photo..

If you have a cool photo (or cool middle initial!)  I can do fun things like this.

Have you guys heard of mommy cards? Used for such instances as setting play dates, organizing car-pools, etc. I can do those too! Just send me a picture if I don’t already have one!

Just email me using the contact information on my business card if you’d like a card! or the links in the sidebar!  Make sure you include any photos or information you’d like me to use (phone, email, full name, etc)


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