APPLIED:Reach Out and Read Kansas City (ROR-KC)

So maybe this isn’t a paid position, but today I applied to be a volunteer at Reach Out and Read Kansas City (ROR-KC) through

See why this is a perfect volunteer fit for me after the jump, first I’ll tell you a little about them.

ROR-KC is a non-profit organization that organizes volunteers and book drives in an effort to supply young at risk children with books and reading advice through medical clinics around KC.  Why is literacy so important and why are they teaming up with doctor’s offices?

34% of children enter kindergarten without the basic language skills needed to LEARN how to read. ROR reaches children through the existing infrastructure of doctor’s offices and provides them with a new book and reading tips for parents at every checkup.   They also educate doctors on those tips and strive to keep volunteers in waiting rooms to read to the children.

Key findings:

  • Parents served by Reach Out and Read are up to four times more likely to read aloud to their children.
  • Children served by Reach Out and Read show significant developmental gains in language and a six-month developmental edge over their peers in the preschool years.
  • Children served by Reach Out and Read also score higher on vocabulary tests and school readiness assessments.

Speaking in Spanish, reading to babies, marketing efforts, helping like crazy, job experiences tied up with string.

These are a few of my favorite things

  • I studied Spanish for 6+ years and am out of practice.
  • I’ve always been a reader.  The Library is a fantastic place and Borders is magical.
  • Marketing. ROR-KC may let me help on the marketing committee! Experience, here I come!
  • I’ve always been a helper.  Community service through Girl Scouts, then high school, then Alpha Gamma Delta…. and now I’m on my own to find things to support!

I’m currently a teacher with an after school program. And I see first hand how many of my children need extra help or get embarrassed when you ask them to read out loud. I’ve brought my favorite childhood books to school and read them aloud to my kindergartners.  (I then proceeded to lock up my books from home so they wouldn’t get torn apart!)  Don’t worry.. they have plenty of books to tear apart and I’ve gone to library sales and filled two $5 bags, one for me… and one for my classroom. I’ve seen my cousins be bored during the summer and not even CONSIDER picking up a book.  Literacy is important… But literacy is also FUN! and I look forward to sharing that.

Does ROR-KC sound like a good volunteer match for you too?

Here was the decription at Volunteer Match: “Bilingual (Spanish/English) book lovers can share the joy of reading with children in clinic waiting rooms in KC, KS and KC, MO. Reach Out and Read is a medically-based early childhood literacy program. Volunteer reader opportunities are available throughout the metro area.”

Before they train you in a one hour session, they ask that you be able to volunteer at least 20 hours of reading in medical clinics in a year long period.

That’s a 2 hour shift every 5 weeks    Or A 1 hour shift every 3 weeks.
Can you read to a child for that amount of time?

For more information on how you can help ROR-KC, choose one!

  1. Visit (in KC) or to see if they have opportunities in your area
  2. Email Laura Long, Volunteer coordinator
  3. Email me – I can send you the email I got when I applied that shows all the opportunities
  4. If you’d like to help financially, visit the ROR national website here

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