Bike & Build

Next summer, my sister will make a journey across the US, stopping to build houses for a few and educate many about the affordable housing crisis.  She will make the trip from Providence, Rhode Island, to the California coast on a bike.

“Bike and Build is a non-profit that raises money and awareness for the affordable housing crisis through cross-country biking trips.  Specifically, B&B attempts to engage young adults in a life-long commitment to service and philanthropy by providing participants with a very intimate approach to this cause.”

Want to help her? Info on how, after the jump.

She was already selected to be oneof the small percent of applicants who make this ride, but she needs $4000 to be donated in her name by June 2011 for her to make this journey.

To see her B& B profile, click here.  You can donate from this page or by clicking on the image and then choosing Cremer, Rebecca in the drop down menu.

And for those who know her – this is pretty much all she wants for Christmas.  Donations to B&B.


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