It snowed last night! And I’m excited for a Birthday dinner for Andrew tonight.

Until then, keeping myself motivated by acknowledging all of the stuff I completed this week, including two jobs applied for! and one is a real one!

  1. Job Search
    • Finished applying for two positions this weekend.
      • A part time holiday gig
      • & a marketing communications position
    • Researched a few more jobs
    • Contacted a few people
    • Updated my Linkedin profile & resume
  2. Shoveled my circle drive
  3. Cleaned
    1. My mom’s laundry room
    2. My closet at my moms
      1. Donated a large bag of clothes to the homeless at my school’s clothes drive
    3. Started on another room at my grandpa’s.
      • filled 2 large trash bags in an hour
      • & found a multitude of christmas wrapping supplies!
  4. Finished my list of what christmas presents I still need, just a few more!
  5. Lots of laundry
  6. Learned how to make tasty eggs benedict – birthday brunch for him!
  7. Preparing to fill this week with work, babysitting, christmas wrapping and shopping, christmas party, and of course – more job searching!
  8. And! finally got the chance to read some of my bloomberg business weekly magazines!

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