Thanksgiving 2010

I am so thankful to realize I went to six Thanksgiving gatherings this year

  1. Sunday night to Emporia with friends, at a diner downtown where we got to use the huge kitchen to make an unbelievable feast.

  2. Thanksgiving with my relatives
  3. Thanksgiving with strangers; We walked into the wrong house and stunned a family while they were setting the table. No joke.
  4. Thanksgiving with Bob’s family: My mom’s boyfriend’s sister lives a few houses down from Thanksgiving #3.

    We had to sneak out so Avery wouldn’t cry!
  5. Andrew’s relatives #1: Gourmet food, adorable baby, and a ridiculous amount of leftovers.

  6. Andrew’s relatives #2: desserts!

I am Thankful For:

  • My family, friends, and friends who feel like family
  • A chance to hold babies, take good pictures, and eat the most delicious food
  • That my boyfriend knows so many people who make delicious food
  • Having the means to give good Christmas gifts this year
  • A job I enjoy, even if it’s just temporary
  • Hope

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